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Petron Industries, Inc.

Petron Industries, Inc.

Petron Industries is a respected manufacturer and supplier of drilling rig instrumentation and control systems to the international oil and gas industry. We are known for our reliable, cost-effective products that bring both efficiency and safety to drill

Petron Industries, Inc.

Pason is a leading international provider of specialized rental oilfield instrumentation systems for use on land-based drilling and service rigs. We offer a tightly integrated package of Products & Services including data acquisition, wellsite reporting software, remote communications, and Internet information management tools. Our products & services bridge the physical separation between remote wellsites and the office.

Founded in 1978 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Pason first specialized in remote drilling chokes exclusively for a Canadian market and employed just five people. Since that time, Pason’s strategic focus on unique proprietary solutions and industry-best standard of care has helped the company significantly increase and diversify its product line and employ over 700 professionals internationally. Pason has over 90% of the market share in Canada and over 50% in the US.

At Pason, our mission statement is technology deployed simply. We design and manufacture innovative and easy-to-use technology that is deployed to the field simply. We’ve accomplished this mission by streamlining our internal processes, and by using our integrated support services team to deploy our products and provide assistance to the rig more efficiently than any of our competitors. See Our Departments page for further details about our company structure.

Pason is a Canadian corporation headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with US offices in Denver, Colorado and Houston, Texas. Pason’s other offices are located in Mexico, Argentina, and Australia. See our Contact Us page for further information.

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