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Petron Industries, Inc.

Petron Industries, Inc.

Petron Industries is a respected manufacturer and supplier of drilling rig instrumentation and control systems to the international oil and gas industry. We are known for our reliable, cost-effective products that bring both efficiency and safety to drill

Pason Mobile

Pason Mobile
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Pason Mobile is a free application for your BlackBerry smartphone that lets you view current drilling information for your active wells. You can keep an eye on important data and make decisions about your well from any location.

Use Pason Mobile to:  Access well information and maintain security
  • Display a list of all your active wells.
  • Move and pin a selected well to the top of the list.
  • View the last contractor morning report (CMR) date and tour sheet date on the main screen.
  • Display current drilling data for a well on the main screen, including bit depth and ROP.
  • View the current hole depth and spud date on the main screen. NEW!
  • Retrieve data quickly with faster data transfer. NEW!
  • Access enhanced Help screens and context-sensitive Help. NEW!
  • Keep your well data secure using auto lock.
  • View rig location information
  • Display your rigs GPS coordinates, township, region, and country information.
  • View rig location maps using Google Maps.
  • Set up and view customized drilling data graphs
  • Display the current drilling data for a well on a graph.
  • Set the time interval for viewing your drilling data graph.
  • Scroll through your drilling data by pre-set time intervals.
  • Select new parameters for traces on the graph, including: azimuth, casing pressure, differential pressure, inclination, mechanical specific energy, and total pump output. NEW!
  • Customize the scale settings for your drilling parameters. NEW!
  • Access well memos and CMRs
  • View a complete list of memos established at the rig. NEW!
  • Select and read individual memos. NEW!
  • Note the memo indicator on the drilling data graph. NEW!
  • View PDF copies of your CMRs (optional). NEW!
  • It only takes a few minutes to download and install Pason Mobile. All you need to do is ask your DataHub administrator for access rights.

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